Welcome to DeNations II
DeNations is an innovative NFT reward platform where people from around the world can explore the exciting world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. By owning DeNations NFTs, you gain access to exclusive events and exceptional rewards, all while being part of a vibrant global community.
DeNations has grown into a passionate community of crypto enthusiasts through the issuance of DENA tokens and various NFT cards. Thanks to our passionate members, after successfully distributing DeNations' Country and Land cards, we are now launching DeNations Season II as a crypto reward membership platform.
Those who have participated in DeNations so far will enjoy the benefits of attractive events and rewards. If you wish to join this membership, simply purchase the previously issued NFTs from an NFT marketplace.
What is DeNations?
Virtual Country and Land NFT Ownership
DeNations offers a unique NFT membership through ownership of virtual countries and lands, providing exclusive benefits and opportunities.
Reward Events for DeNations Members
DeNations hosts a variety of reward events exclusively for its members. These events include raffles, quizzes, and special contests where members can earn valuable prizes and enhance their participation in the DeNations ecosystem.
Rewards from Strategic Partnerships
DeNations collaborates with strategic partners to launch projects that offer special rewards. Revenue from these projects boosts the value of the DENA ecosystem, benefiting all participants.
The Benefits of Owning DeNations NFTs


Exclusive Reward Events
Participate in exciting raffles, quizzes, and contests exclusively for DeNations NFT holders and win valuable rewards.


Higher Chances of Winning
Enjoy increased chances of winning in all reward events, giving you a better opportunity to earn valuable prizes.


Flexible Open Membership
Become a member simply by owning a DeNations NFT. You can buy or sell your NFTs on marketplaces at any time, offering you complete flexibility.


Extended Rewards Network
By becoming a DeNations member, you connect with a variety of partnered crypto rewards and expand your opportunities within the growing crypto ecosystem.
DENA Token Economy Ecosystem
Revenue Allocation
A portion of the revenue from NFT minting projects held on the DeNations platform is allocated for purchasing DENA tokens on the Uniswap network.
Reward Distribution
The purchased DENA tokens are then distributed as rewards to holders of DeNations NFTs, providing them with tangible benefits for their participation.
Increasing NFT Value
As more projects join the DeNations platform, the value of DeNations NFTs increases, creating a positive feedback loop that benefits all members of the ecosystem.
Current Project
DeNations II' first project is the BitSunshine Pioneer Club. The minting for the BitSunshine Pioneer Club project has begun and will last for 10 days. You can participate on Opensea. This project is based on the Polygon network and features a limited drop of only 100 NFTs. 30% of the revenue from this project will be used to purchase DENA tokens.
Current Project
Upcoming Projects
Appreciation Events for DeNations Holders
Exciting events for DeNations token holders and holders of Country and Land cards are on the horizon. Stay tuned for more updates!
We are grateful to the holders who have helped shape the early history of DeNations. For those who have held DeNations' Country cards and Land cards early on, thrilling and fun events await you. Thank you for your patience and support
How to Join the DeNations Membership
To become a member of DeNations, simply purchase and own DeNations' Country cards or Land cards through the Opensea NFT marketplace. By owning these NFTs, you gain access to exclusive events, exceptional rewards, and a vibrant global community. Start your journey with DeNations today and be a part of our innovative ecosystem.
Customer Support
We're Here to Listen
At DeNations, we value and appreciate your feedback. Our dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist you and hear your voice. For any inquiries, suggestions, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at info@denations.com. Your input helps us improve and grow together.