DeNations, nations ported from Earth
Expand Nation, Build Civilizations and Earn

Decentralized Nations

DeNations is a blockchain-powered metaverse based on real-world data of 195 nations from 2019. World’s first national-based metaverse is backed by Korea Investment Partners (investor of Animoca Brands) and NXC (parent company of Nexon, Korea’s largest game company).

Set Policies, Trade and Battle, Collect Taxes

Nation Ownership

DeNations' Nations is governed through Nation Ownerships. There are 1,000 Nation Ownerships in each nation. Domestic policies, infrastructures, tax collection, and overseas activities (Trade & War) are implemented through DeNations' Nation Ownership.

Expand, Develop, and Produce Resources


DeNations Metaverse has 390,000 Lands and each Land has its unique location and intrinsic properties. Ownership of this Land is certified by NFT minted on the blockchain which ensures digital scarcity, authenticity, and possibility of trading. Land can be used as the residence of the citizens or produces various resources. Land can join a nation by connecting the Land to the Nation Ownership.

Earn Salary, Create and Explore Civilizations (NFT)


Citizen reside and work in the Land. Citizens produces resources for the land owners and receives salaries. Citizens can explore or create Civilizations by combining resources.

Increase Productivity, Battle items, NFT Collectibles


Various Resources produced in Land are utilized to create various civilization through the Citizen's production process. Civilization can be installed in Land, which increases productivity or is used for other activities such as war. Specific Civilization can be issued as NFT and traded in the open market.


$DENA is main utility token to buy and sell Nation Ownership, Lands and other assets in the DeNations.



Real-world business can be collaborated with DeNations brand or can be hosted in DeNations Metaverse. The first realized business is DeNations Art Chain, a platform that the artists can make their artworks NFTized and itemized in DeNations Metaverse.


Within DeNations, Citizen, Nation owners, LAND owners earn profits (NFT or DENA) in return via expanding and developing the nations by engaging in economic activities and participating in the nation's governance.


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