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DENA price
$ 5.00
when buying NFTs
Ownership of Nations & Cities & Civilizations of
DeNations is certified by NFT cards.
The key tokens of decentralized Nations
which is used to buy NFTs and other assets.
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FARM Tokens
Deposit NFT or token liquidity to earn DENA continously
What is Decentralized Nations (DeNations)?
Explore, Build and
Own DeNations with NFT card.
✦ Nation develops new Cities. City develops new Civilizations.
✦ 20% of new NFT card sales are distributed to the nation and city who created it.
✦ Enjoy continuous DENA yield farming (profit) by staking the NFT.
Next Generation Nation Management Game
The game, which runs virtual nations and cities, has evolved from the board game “Monopoly” released in 1933 to PC-based game “Sid Meiers Civilizations”. Now you can enjoy the next-generation national management game on a blockchain-powered metaverse and earn real profits.
✦ 1st generation: Monopoly(Released in 1933, accumulated 250 M copy sales)
✦ 2nd generation: Sid Meiers Civilizations (Released in 1991 and accumulated 33M copy sales as of 2016)
✦ 3rd generation: Decentralized Nations (Released in 2020, blockchain & metaverse based)
How Denations Work
✦ DeNations (Decentralized Nations) is a blockchain-powered decentralized metaverse, where anyone can build and manage nations, cities and civilizations.
✦ DeNations is a virtual metaverse that interacts with the real world, and the city/state/civilization in it changes based on that of the real world and the events of DeNations.
✦ These nations, cities, and civilizations are issued in Ethereum NFT card and the number of the NFT card will be limited as the nations or cities are limited in the real world.
Make your nation/city prosper in the DeNations,
and earn token profits.
✦ Stake the national NFT card and enter the DeNations.
✦ Run your nations and build new cities and civilizations as NFT card, 20% of the NFT card sales will belong to the national NFT card owner.
✦ The more cities and civilizations nations have, the more powerful the nation becomes to build more NFT cards.
Open economy,
where real world business is connected
✦ DeNations provides a platform for running real-world businesses, including target marketing, education, forecasting markets, and data collection.
✦ Nation and city owners may grant these business on their territory and share their profits.
✦ As countries and cities prosper within DeNations, profits increase.
Nations, key foundation for DeNations.
Cities and civilizations are built and prosper on the territory of the nation.
Tax and Economy
The nation implements economic policies and collects taxes to develop cities.
National Security
The nation raises its troops and conducts diplomacy to protect its cities and people.
Nations Represented By NFT card
Ownership of the Nation is certified by NFT card.
Stake Nation NFT card and enter DeNations.
Build Cities And Civilizations
✦ Build cities with Gold earned by running a nation.
✦ Newly built cities and civilizations are issued with NFT card.
✦ The more cities and civilizations nations have, the more powerful the nation becomes, and be able to build more cities.
-Gold is a currency which is only used within DeNations used to purchase resources.
Benefits of Nation's owner.
✦ Stake Nation NFT card and enter the DeNations.
✦ Earn DENA continuously in proportion to the DGDP by entering DeNations.
✦ Run your nations and build new cities and civilizations as NFT card, 20% of the NFT card sales will belong to the national NFT card owner.
193 Nations, Based on the Real World
Nation NFT card characteristics are initially based on actual nation and city information.
Nation NFT card is based on the country currently joined to the United Nations.
The first sale of nations has begin!
Key token for
Release Schedule of DENA
Reward Type% of DENA allocation% of DENASchedule
Historical user reward2.00%20,0009th November 2020 to 18th November 2021
Kick off mining1.50%15,00018th November 2020 to 23th December 2020
Year 136.50%365,00016th December 2020 to 16th December 2021
Year 230.00%300,00016th December 2021 to 16th December 2022
Year 320.00%200,00016th December 2022 to 16th December 2023
Year 410.00%100,00016th December 2023 to 16th December 2024
Usage of DENA
Initial Allocation
Token NameDecentralized Nations
Roles & DescriptionThe key currency of Decentralized Nations Platform which is used as 1) Platform Governance, 2) platform Utility, 3) Platform Reward.
Contract Address0x15F0EEDF9Ce24fc4b6826E590A8292CE5524a1DA
Total Supply1,000,000 DENA
Presale0 DENA
Farming DENA
Management Farming
Stake your NFT card and enter the DeNations, and manage your nation or city to be prosperous.
Liquidity Farming
Provide liquidity of DENA and other Tokens, and receive trading fee plus DENA.
Social Farming
Introduce DeNations to your friend and earn DENA.
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