Collect World's Resources from DeNations Land 
& BuildCivilization NFT
About DeNations

DeNations is a blockchain-powered metaverse based on real-world data of 195 nations from 2019. World’s first national-based metaverse is backed by Korea Investment Partners (investor of  Animoca Brands) and NXC (parent company of Nexon, the largest game company of Asia). Starting with the first INO(Initial Nation Offering) in November 2020, DeNations has accumulated NFT trading volume of 2.2 million USD. In April of 2022, DeNations will open minting for land NFTs which are potential territories of the 195 nations. The land NFT will have new features of farming resources and connecting nation ownership NFT.

What is DeNations Land?

DeNations Land is a digital form of the earth’s surface in DeNations metaverse. DeNations earth is divided into land hexagons. Each hexagon has its own unique coordinates. The land is represented as NFT and can be traded in the open markets.

Land NFT Benefits

• The certificate to own the exclusive virtual space

• Passive income from collecting and selling the resources

• Dig for treasures and resources in your land

•  Land customization

Whitelist Benefits

• Early access for land minting

• Preoccupy level 5 land

Land Types


Good environment with abundant food for Citizens. Easy to build residential and mining facilities.


Poor environment for Citizens. Abundant underground resources. Difficult to build residential and mining facilities.


Good environment with abundant food for Citizens. Easy to build residential and mining facilities. Likely to find oil.


Poor environment for Citizens. No food is produced. But oil and uranium are likely to be found.


Uninhabitable for Citizens, and very difficult to build oil drilling and mining facilities. Likely to find oil and mineral resources. Cannot be owned by anyone. Temporary occupancy and collecting of resources allowed.


Good environment with abundant food for Citizens. Easy to build residential and mining facilities, and able to build ports to go out to sea. Likely to find oil.


Poor environment for Citizens and without food. But oil is likely to be found, and mineral resources are produced.


Good environment with adequate food for Citizens. Abundant underground resources. Easy to build residential and mining facilities.

Collect & Earn Token

Land Resources

• Resources are a key component of the land’s ecosystem.

• A variety of resources can be farmed and mined from the land. Landowners can collect resources from the land when citizens work.

• Resources are tradable in the DeNations marketplace.

• More resources can be found as the land level goes up.

Play & Earn


• Citizen can farm and mine resources from the land, and earn $RIUS (in-game currency) from the labor.

• Explore and find treasures from the land.

• Buy resources with $RIUS (in-game currency), then mint civilization NFT by using the resources.

Civilization NFT

• A variety of Civilization NFT can be minted from different kinds of resources.

• Place the Civilization NFT into your lands & Upgrade land productivity.

• Civilization NFT is tradable in the DeNations marketplace.

Land Levels & Prices

• Land levels are not fixed. The landowners will be able to level up their lands.

• Starting land level is important when it comes to customizing your land in the future.

Rarity (%)
≤ 64%
≤ 13%
≤ 11%
≤ 7%
≤ 5%
≤ 3%
Resource Production (Farming) Rate
Very High
Exclusive resources from other worlds.
Citizen Capacity
Very High
Very High
0.0154 ETH
0.0244 ETH
0.0392 ETH
0.0628 ETH
0.1004 ETH
2 ETH (Private Sale)
G20 Pre-sale Price (50%)
0.0077 ETH
0.0122 ETH
0.0196 ETH
0.0314 ETH
0.0502 ETH
1 ETH (Private Sale)
Meta Land - Bridge to other worlds

•  A place where DeNations connect and communicate with real-world locations, other crypto projects, and partners.

•  Take advantage of the meta land for daily events, art galleries, and advertising space.

•  Reserved for collaborations.

•  Any lands near the “Meta Land” can produce resources for special NFT and drop exclusive treasures.

Become a Meta Land Partner
– Own Metaverse Company Branch

•  Utilize Meta Land for promoting and improving your brand value. DeNations will support promoting company’s brand/crypto project.

•  Produce your exclusive brand NFT and resources in DeNations. DeNations will support designing and developing the NFT in DeNations Metaverse.

•  Engage with DeNations Citizens & Expand fanbase of your brand.

•  Brand NFT will be unique NFT as it will be used as a powerful item in the Metaverse.

•  Enjoy collaboration synergies with nearby Meta Land owned by other companies/crypto projects

Early Bird Benefits

•  Early Bird Price: 1 ETH

•  Promotional Gift: Extra 6 nearby lands of your Meta Land.

•  Design and Development of 5 exclusive brand resources, 5 brand NFTs for FREE.

•  100 Whitelist Spots for Upcoming Pre-sale

•  Whitelist for Land Pre-sale: In order to have early access for land minting and preoccupy higher level lands, users must earn a spot in the whitelist by completing various missions.

•  Freely distribute 100 whitelist spots for any promotions.

Token Economy


•  $RIUS is in-game money of DeNations Land.

•  $RIUS can be earned from farming resources, selling resources, and land level ups.

•  $RIUS can be used for buying NFT and resources.

•  Players can swap $RIUS into $DENA anytime.


•  $DENA is the main utility token to buy and sell Nation Ownership, Lands and other assets in the DeNations.

•  10% of sales revenue from the land mint will be used for $DENA buyback and burn.

Land Sale Roadmap

G20 Land Sale Round 1
G20 Land Sale Round 2
China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore
G20 Land Sale Round 3
Germany, United Kingdom, France
G20 Land Sale Round 4
Coming soon
G20 Land Sale Round 5
Coming soon
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